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Cyprus Buyers Guide

Key Information

Finding the right associates is always a difficult task but of crucial importance when you are buying a property. PropertyPrime is the right choice for you because of its highly qualified staff and its expert knowledge of the local market.

A few things to consider when buying a property:

  • It is difficult to find exactly what you want and if you do, it is unlikely that all your family will agree with you. Finding a property is usually a compromise.
  • An experienced estate agent as well as a legal advisor is necessary to deal with all the contingencies in drawing up the contract.
  • Get all the information about rates, utility and other costs from your agent.
  • Before reaching your final decision to buy a property get a professional valuation, free from Polyviou Property Management.
  • Consult your agent about the loans you can get from local banks.
  • Visit Polyviou Property Management to get more details about all the above-mentioned matters.

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