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famagusta1The historic city of Famagusta (Ammochostos), on the east coast of Cyprus is under the occupation of the Turkish Army since August 15, 1974.

The non-occupied parts of Famagusta, and mainly the areas of Ayia Napa, Paralimni and Protaras, overwhelmed in beauty and freshness offer idyllic places to live in and enjoy quality moments with family and friends.

famagusta2AYIA NAPA
Originally a fishing village, Ayia Napa is now a major tourist resort. The golden sandy beaches of Ayia Napa are a true paradise for anyone who loves the sea and the water sports. The charming scenery includes the fishing harbour of Ayia Napa, the mediaeval monastery at the heart of the village, the windmills and small churches in the surrounding villages. Ayia Napa is an especially sought after destination for young people who want to enjoy an intense nightlife.

Paralimni is a town where old and new seem to merge well together. The largest town in the eastern southern fringe of Cyprus, you can find everything here. The nearest beach is within walking distance and Ayia Napa and Protaras are a short drive away. Beautifully constructed modern day buildings overlook the old Venetian houses and churches. With its superb beaches and multi-star hotels, the Famagusta (or Ammochostos) region draws discerning sun seekers from all over the globe, but this part of the island remains the agricultural heart of Cyprus, where traditional windmills stand with modern aqueducts to irrigate the fertile red soil. The popular holiday resort has become an absolute paradise for anyone who loves the sea and water sports, all kinds readily available – from scuba diving to water-skiing to paragliding. Paralimni is no longer the quaint old village; it is now a scenic resort.

The town of Protaras is the ideal place to lay back and forget your worries. With its golden white sand and crystal clear waters, Protaras turns into a reality the sought-after concept of a stress-free life. Protaras was once a little village that relied on agriculture and fishing, it is now however becoming independent from the land and sea. High rugged cliffs overlook the small bays, where it is not unlikely to spot a remote fish taverna, serving the catch of the day. With more and more restaurants and bars opening up, there is really no need to leave the town; after all you have everything within walking distance including the beach. Protaras is an ideal resort for those who appreciate being surrounded by nature, but also like the choice of modern life.