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Larnaca (also spelt Larnaka) is an area of outstanding beauty – endowed with numerous attractions, waterfronts and scenic vistas as well as some of the islands most outstanding beaches. It is located on Cyprus’ southernmost coast and is the country’s third largest city and home to the second largest commercial port. Larnaca’s International Airport is located on the fringe of the city with easy access to and from the city centre. The palm tree lined seafront of Larnaca is host to a number of cafes, restaurants, shops and bars. Among these are hotels and apartments overlooking the Mediterranean? A captivating town built on the east coast with historic charm and architecture; its fortress castle is now used as the town’s summer cultural centre. Most of the old town has been renovated; many old buildings now house local government offices and museums.


Much smaller than Nicosia or Limassol, Larnaca has managed to retain a relaxed, leisurely atmosphere. Its main shopping area is Zenon Kitieos Street, a typically busy road of small shops, with a wonderfully colourful fruit and vegetable market at the far end. At the same end is the marina, where you can find local and international yachts and sailing vessels moored. Larnaca is well known for its fish restaurants, you are granted an evening of fine cuisine wherever you choose to eat. Like many other towns and villages in Cyprus, Larnaca and its surrounding communities are steeped in history.

On the outskirts of Larnaca, with its sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, a number of luxury hotels have been built, not far from these you will find residential areas. Most people now prefer to reside on the outskirts of Larnaca town with its easy access to the beach.