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The largest town in Cyprus is Limassol, Nicosia being the capital city. Limassol is renowned for its cultural tradition; a great number of museums and archaeological sites are on offer to the interested visitor, as well as a number of activities.

A unique combination of ancient, Frankish, Byzantine and other modern influences are observed in the architecture of the town. Limassol is still seen as an important tourist and commercial centre, with many offshore companies based here.


The all year holiday atmosphere is suited to Limassol with its wide seafront promenade and bustling little shopping streets. Concentrated chiefly on the eastern side of Limassol, all types of holiday accommodation have been built close to the sea. These range from luxury hotels to apartments and villas, all within walking distance to banks, supermarkets and not forgetting restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. There are numerous beaches to choose from, some very popular due to the convenience of changing rooms, showers, cafes and bars, others quite empty, being on the outskirts of town and with no amenities.

The new Limassol Marina is part the old port, which has been rebuilt and hosts many multinationals and luxury marine services. Private luxury houses are also being built just on top of the water.


Near the old port is Limassol Castle, where Richard the Lionheart married Queen Berengaria of Navarre in 1191 and crowned her Queen of England. The grounds house the Medieval Museum of Cyprus with interesting pottery and tombstones amongst its numerous exhibits.

Limassol also has an Archaeological Museum, with fascinating statues and pottery finds, a Municipal Art gallery, as well as a Folk Art Museum where specially staged room-sets display the old clothes and utensils of Limassol past. Within the Municipal Gardens is a small zoo, which offers a pleasant stroll amidst the animals or the lush trees, plants and shrubs. Limassol is rich in history, from Limassol Castle all the way down to Amathus, one of the ancient kingdoms of Cyprus; the avid tourist will never be bored.