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Private clinics and hospitals are located all over the island. Those opting for private sector treatments either pay their own costs or take out private health insurance.

Anyone working in Cyprus, regardless of nationality or residency, must make social security payments. This is known as Social Insurance and payments are made either through an employer or, if self-employed, independently at the District Labour Office. EU citizens paying into the system can apply for a ‘Medical Card’ which entitles them to state medical cover. As a rule, medical cards are only issued to Cypriots and EU citizens residing permanently in Cyprus.

Anyone who doesn’t qualify for the Medical Card may use the public medical facilities but they will be charged the government rate. This is €15 for a visit to a general practitioner and €30 for a visit to a specialist. Cypriot citizens and permanent EU residents of Cyprus are also charged a nominal fee but it is much lower than that charged to non-EU citizens and temporary EU residents. If in-patient treatment is needed, the fee may be reduced for anyone, regardless of nationality, depending on their income level. Everyone, including Cypriots, pays a €10 fee if treatment in an accident and emergency unit is needed and the fee is paid at the hospital upon arrival. EU and Cypriot pensioners are exempted from this cost.