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Nesting on the south – western coast of the island, Paphos is probably the most scenic town in Cyprus combining mountain and sea. It is according to the legend the birthplace of the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphodite.

It is known for its rich cultural heritage, scattered with countless places of historical and archaeological monuments, the deciding factor for listing it in the cultural treasures of the World Heritage, by Unesco and in 2017 will be Capital of Culture.


Paphos offers countless sandy beaches and rocky caves, with Coral Bay being the most popular beach, very close to the beautiful Akamas Peninsula. Akamas is a unique area, relatively large and unspoilt with remarkably diverse features in vegetation, wildlife, geology, beautiful landscapes and coasts.

Kato Paphos, the lower part of the town, by the sea, is built around the harbour and medieval castle and contains most of the luxury hotels and entertainment infrastructure of the city. Around the picturesque harbour you can find cafes and fish taverns, where you can relax and enjoy cool coffee and fresh fish.


Ktima, the upper part of the town, is the old town consisting of the fruit and vegetable market, Laiki Gitonia with shops of memorable rustic souvenirs and also modern shopping centers offering fashion for everyone at all price ranges. Currently undergoing modernization and upgrading.

North of Paphos is the little town of Polis overlooking the Chrysochou Bay, with its charming fishing village of Latsi, where the seaside taverns serve delicious fresh fish. Nearby you can find the well-known Baths of Aphrodite with their breathtaking view over the Bay.

The safe and relaxed atmosphere of Paphos and its surroundings make it the ideal home buying destination.