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Q: How can I view the properties advertised?

A: Our services include consultation, trips to see your chosen properties, after sales assistance and much more. To view properties, you just need to make an appointment beforehand, quoting the reference numbers of the properties you are interested in.

If you live abroad and you would like to make a viewing tour of our properties, we will assist you book your ticket, make your accommodation arrangements and have a pleasant stay in Cyprus in combination with the property search.

Q: Why choose PropertyPrime instead of going directly to developers?

A: At PropertyPrime we offer a wide selection of properties from developers with a proven track record of quality and integrity. We make your life easier, offering a large selection in various areas, instead of a limited range of properties. Choosing PropertyPrime you will save time and you will get the same prices as developers since we do not charge extra commission charges. Above all, at PropertyPrime we offer additional services that compliment the excellent quality of our agency. Our highly qualified staff provides accurate and reliable valuations, for wide ranging purposes from large-scale feasibility developments to simple house valuations, which are critical to the success of every real estate action. At PropertyPrime you do not need extra services for the conclusion of your purchase.

Q: How easily can I acquire a property in Cyprus?

A: All EU citizens have the right of free movement, to live and work in Cyprus without restrictions as long as they have an EU passport.

Non EU Residents:

  • Can buy one house or apartment.
  • Can buy land not exceeding 4014 square meters.
  • Can not own any shares in a company dealing with property.
  • Must not have a criminal record.

Q: What costs do property owners in Cyprus need to pay?

A: Below, are the costs that a property purchaser/owner will need to pay:

a) Transfer fees

When the purchaser is addressed to the Land Registry Office then she/he needs to pay the Property Transfer Fees. The fee is borne by the purchaser and is due when the title deeds are transferred to his/her name. The following table indicates the transfer fee rates:

Value of Property Transfer fee rate
Euros %
Up to 85,000

From 85,001 – 170,000

From over 170,000




The fees are charged on the property’s market value at the date of purchase. These fees have been reduced by 50% until December 2016.

b) Immovable Property Tax

The registered owner is also liable for the Immovable Property Tax, which is annual and is based on the value of his/her property as of 1st January 1980. The following table shows the annual tax rates. We should note that this tax may be abolished in 2017.

Each registered owner is liable for this annual currant imposed tax calculated on the market value of the property as at 1st of January 1980.

Up to €40,000 – 0.60%
€40,001 – €120,000 – 0.80%
€120,001 – €170,000   – 0.90%
€170,001 – €300,000 – 1.10%
€300,001 – €500,000 – 1.30%
€500,001 – €800,000 – 1.50%
€800,001 – €3,000,000 – 1.70%
Over  €3,000,001   – 1.90%
(with minimum tax €75)

C) Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is calculated as follows:

€2.56 per €1.708.60 for the first €170.860.00 and €3.417 per €1.708.60 for any amount above €170.860.00.

Q: What other services does PropertyPrime offer?

A: PropertyPrime offers a comprehensive range of services. From the moment you decide that you will buy in Cyprus we will continuously assist you to make the most of your stay on the island.

Our services include:

Real Estate Consultancy

Established to fill all needs by supplying broad and high quality services, we are able to offer expert advice and indicate a broad selection of choices. We monitor local, regional and even global market environments to help you make real estate decisions that fulfill your expectations.

Estate Agency

By being independently run we have the freedom to work with an extensive network of agents and developers, therefore we are able to provide you, the customer, a complete range of properties in your chosen area, for purchase, renting or investment.

Property Valuations

We offer independent valuations for wide ranging purposes from large- scale feasibility developments to simple house valuations. Our highly qualified staff put its expertise to work for you, using its professional practice and local knowledge. Above all, our company, through integrated services and technological capabilities provides accurate and reliable valuations, which are critical to the success of every real estate action.  We always place a premium on confidentiality for all transactions.

After Sales Services

Our company is ready to respond to your property needs and problems after your purchase, and for us the signing of the Sale Agreement is just the beginning of a long-term relationship. A wide range of after-sales services is available as follows, but is not limited:

  • Property Management: schedule cleaning of the house and maintenance of swimming pool, gardening and painting, regular inspection of the property and emergency response, rent the property while the owner is away, payment of utility bills.
  • Interior design and house furnishing: via special deals with highly esteemed interior designers and furniture shops, we are able to provide you with high quality services and products at low prices.