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Language and People

The population of Cyprus is just over 1.1 million, made up of 77% Greek Cypriots, 18% Turkish and 5% other, with about 10,500 people of Russian origin in the nation. The Republic of Cyprus is also home to about 110,000 foreign permanent residents.

The language of the Greek Cypriot community is Greek and the community adheres to the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus. The language of the Turkish Cypriot community is Turkish and the community adheres to Islam. The religious groups of Armenians, Maronites and Latins, in accordance with 1960 constitution, opted to belong to the Greek Cypriot community

Even if the main language spoken is Greek, English is widely spoken along with Russian and other languages in the tourist areas.  Cyprus enjoys a pleasant climate, with long hot summers and short winters. Paphos has the finest climate on the island with cooler summers and short mild winters.

Cypriots are famous world-wide for their warmth, kindness, hospitality and generosity. The pleasant climate of Cyprus in combination with the warm people makes the island the perfect home destination.